4572979 s12343188 sMusic for Me Academy is currently offering lessons on piano, violin, and viola. We realize that since no two students are alike, no two lessons should be alike. We offer a variety of lessons and other activities designed to help you reach your musical goals and have fun along the way! In addition to 30 or 45-minute lessons once a week, you will have opportunities to hone your skills and perform in a variety of situations:

                  • masterclasses
                  • workshops
                  • studio recitals
                  • coffee shop performances

Piano lessons may begin as young as age five with teacher approval, and violin lessons may begin at age four with a parent attending lessons. Lessons will be scheduled at a time convenient for you and your teacher. Tuition for the summer session (July & August) will be divided into monthly payments of $80 for 30-minute lessons or $110 for 45-minute lessons. Register online or contact us.