Making music can become a lonely pastime, as most students practice alone and then come for one-on-one lessons. In an effort to establish camaraderie between students and offer some topics that don't work well in the traditional lesson setting, we are now offering monthly group classes. Each month during Enrichment Week, students can sign up for an ensemble group and a workshop in place of their regular lesson. Workshops will cycle through the days of the week, so by attending on the same day of the week, students can attend all three. Students outside of Music for Me are welcome to register for classes at the cost of $10 per workshop.

Ensembles: Sign up for an ensemble group and then attend the same night each Enrichment Week in order to have a great performance piece ready for our Christmas Concert! Scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 5:00pm.


Minute to Win It: In this evening of crazy quick-paced fun, students will face 15 musical challenges! September 28, October 25, & November 28 at 6:00pm.

Bucket Drums: Garbage cans, buckets, and drumsticks, oh my! Come challenge your rhythm skills and learn some pretty cool bucket beats! September 27, October 24, & November 30 at 6:00pm.

Practice Games: Finding your practice time boring? It doesn't need to be! Come enjoy lots of musical fun as we learn about new tools to make your practice time something you look forward to! September 26, October 26, & November 29 at 6:00pm.